"To love and serve our neighbors as ourselves."

For many of our loyal donors, supporting Catholic Charities extends well beyond a single annual donation. Many stretch their giving throughout the year, to maximize their impact on the neighbors they serve.

That is especially true for Kevin Slonka of Westmont and Doug Stoehr of Duncansville, who helped launch Catholic Charities' Guild of Guardians, an annual giving program that enables supporters to pledge $1,000 annually to help the organization budget to help more people with more needs throughout the year. While $1,000 may seem like a hefty amount, it breaks down to just $2.74 a day--less than a fancy cup of coffee.

"Many people who choose to make charitable donations usually do so around the holidays. That is wonderful, but many people need assistance throughout the year," said Slonka. "Contributing at the level required for membership in the Guild of Guardians ensures that Catholic Charities can provide assistance to our neighbors throughout the year. Any charitable organization needs a solid base of donors who truly believes in its mission."

On Wednesday, June 1, Catholic Charities hosted its Annual Recognition Dinner. It marked a milestone year (75 years of serving neighbors in need) and recognized those in our community who are devoted to helping and serving others.

This year’s awardees received special recognition beyond the dinner—they were personally thanked by the Pennsylvania Senate for their contributions to the community. Each awardee received a personalized thank you letter from the State Senator in their district.

“Senator Wozniak, as well as others, believes it's important to recognize hard work and dedication to the community, especially on a milestone year such as the 75th anniversary,” said Alanna Wilson, Constituency Relations Representative. 

Before we can truly begin the fight against poverty, it’s important to know what issues are plaguing the individuals and families in our communities. Do you know what it means to live in poverty?

According to the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania, 1 in 4 families that rent across the country now spend more than half of their income on housing. That number has grown from 7.5 million to 11.4 million households since 2001—a staggering increase that shows no signs of stopping.

Catholic Charities strives to fill a critical need in our community. The widening gaps in existing social service programs are leaving many of our area’s seniors and families facing hunger and homelessness, choosing between paying for medicine, utility bills, childcare, or food.

Catholic Charities strives to fill these gaps, offering emergency financial assistance to people of all faiths. Furthermore, we help clients stabilize their finances so they are less likely to need help in the future.

We are able to do God’s work thanks to generous donors that support our mission. If you are among our donors, thank you for your support.

Despite our efforts, Catholic Charities can currently only fulfill 25% of requests for assistance. We’re counting on your help to serve a greater portion of those in need.

Can we count on your gift before the end of our giving year on June 30? Click HERE to learn more about ways you can give.

Often, there are misconceptions about our funding and our services because our name is Catholic Charities. We serve all people, and we receive support from all people--regardless of faith. Financial crisis can affect anyone, and it has repercussions throughout all communities.

Our goal in our 75th year is to bring more people into our efforts to spread help and hope, and to let those who need us know they are not alone.

Help spread the word of our shared mission to your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers--whether they're Catholic or not--to increase our level of support within the community and to help even more local individuals and families in need in the next 75 years.

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