"To love and serve our neighbors as ourselves."

In our communities, some individuals and families are thriving. This can make it easy to overlook the fact that many others are in need. Friends and neighbors—maybe some that you know from church, school, or work—are working hard every day to support their families and to make ends meet. But despite their best efforts, they’re still struggling.

Getting to Know Catholic Charities

No one can better express what we do than those who work with us and those we serve.

Here are just a few of their comments.

“Catholic Charities has had a great impact on our family. They were a lending hand when our electricity was turned off. We were very thankful to have someone to reach out to when we were facing hard times.”

Learn how Catholic Charities partners with The United Way and other local agencies, like Interfaith Human Services, to meet the financial needs of our clients.

(From The Centre Daily Times)

This is the fourth and final entry in the CDT’s series on the United Way’s 2016 campaign.

The weeks prior have focused on the areas of health and education and how the agencies involved are approaching the same goal from multiple angles, often overlapping in their quest to help a single client.

When it comes to financial services, the story remains more or less the same.

Gifts to Catholic Charities Change Lives, Save Lives

Today, a minimum wage salary is creating an alarming shortage in the cost of living, leaving families in a devastating situation. While many don’t qualify for government assistance, they are not making enough to afford basic necessities like housing, utilities, and critical medications.

With bitter cold winter months just around the corner, they face potential homelessness or lack of heat, which can be life-threatening for sick and elderly individuals and infants and children, who are especially vulnerable to the cold.

Learn more about the impact Pennsylvania's housing crisis is making on our community and how Catholic Charities is lightening the load for low-income families.

"In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love."

Those are the words of Mother Teresa, who was canonized earlier this month.    

Will you follow in Saint Teresa’s footsteps today and do a small thing with great love? Find out how you can do this through Catholic Charities.

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