Feb 21, 2022

Angel Tree Program Spreads Love at Christmas

“Strong donor support through the end of 2021 definitely made an impact,” according to Lisa Fellabaum, Outreach Liaison at Catholic Charities’ Altoona office. “The generosity of our donors around Thanksgiving and Christmas allows our staff to fulfill emergency requests and to make sure families can experience more joy and less stress throughout the holidays.”

In addition to direct donations, Catholic Charities receives support through a special collection in November, which takes place at most parishes across the diocese. These funds make a big difference going into the Christmas holiday when the organization makes extra efforts to support individuals and families facing financial difficulties.

“Catholic Charities supported many neighbors in December through the Angel Tree program,” Lisa explained. This program provides Christmas gifts for individuals of all ages, specified to their needs. With donations, Catholic Charities can fulfill ‘wish lists’ with items ranging from clothing and shoes to household items and toys.

“Beyond making Christmas day a little brighter, the goal of this program is to reinforce to our recipients that they are cared for and loved,” Lisa said. “It is a truly meaningful program that reminds people they are not alone—an important message year-round, but especially during the Christmas season.”