Jul 24, 2020

Annual Summer Reminder to Check in with Neighbors

It’s that time of year again. Sweltering heat and humidity have arrived and Catholic Charities asks you to remember some neighbors are more vulnerable to the effects—especially seniors and low-income individuals and families

Evidence shows that individuals in the Medicare population are at a higher risk for hospitalization and death during a heat wave. Extreme heat can also negatively affect pregnant woman, individuals with

heart, lung and kidney problems, and low-income households

For some of us, heat is an inconvenience—we have access to air conditioning at home or the ability and resources to find please to keep cool. These options are rarely the case for seniors, especially those on a fixed income, without family or neighbors nearby to help. Seniors with mobility issues are especially at risk. With COVID-19 restrictions, some older neighbors may feel uncomfortable venturing out to find air conditioned space.

Low-income households often can’t afford extra appliances like air conditioning, or the additional electricity it takes to run a cooling unit or even extra fans. 

You can help others during these hot days by: 

  • Checking on elderly and low-income neighbors and family members 
  • Sharing information on what resources are available to help, especially with COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Offer rides to ‘cooling centers’ like libraries, community centers and churches—first make sure they are open to the public!
  • Help Catholic Charities provide emergency assistance for higher-than-typical utility payments 

While enjoying your summer, remember your neighbors and make sure they can stay cool, too.