Sep 23, 2021

Why Seniors Are Relying on You

Did you know that across Pennsylvania, 33% of seniors earn above the poverty level, but not enough to make ends meet, showing that programs like social security do not assure financial stability. These seniors—many who worked all their lives—are struggling to budget for basic necessities alone. Unexpected or unusually high expenses, like a large utility payment or a vehicle or major appliance repair, can set back budgeting and create major stress and anxiety.

While some seniors continue to work by choice, others are forced to do so in order to stay out of poverty. In Pennsylvania’s 65- to 74-year-old age group, 27 percent are in the labor force. Your support for Catholic Charities assures that seniors facing financial strain have somewhere to turn for emergency assistance. A compassionate staff member is available to assess their circumstances and to help make sure that a short-term crisis does not become a long-term struggle.